Automatic Feed Dispensers for Simple, Convenient, Stress-Free Horse Feeding

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Due to the significant movement in exchange rates, a 10% discount applies to all feeders, where the product is priced in USD$. This discount applies to all countries OUTSIDE the EU and UK.  Please go to Shop to view discounts.

Improve Horse Health

Small, precise, regular feed rations are better for your horses digestion. Reduce Vet bills and have a happier, healthier horse.

Better Stable Management

Save time and money by optimising your resources and redirect labour to other chores.

Free up your time

Spend more quality time with your horses and relax knowing they are fed on time every time.

Frequent quality feeds = Happier, healthier horses

Combining tradition with science to make horse feeding simple yet highly effective

Thousands of horse owners use SimpleFeeder every day. Here's why

Buy with Confidence

  • Direct from SimpleFeeder
    From the equine capital of Europe, we ship worldwide
  • Backed by Science
    Small and precise feed rations reduce digestive problems, combat colic/ulcers, control weight and suit fussy eaters
  • Endorsed by your Peers
    Horse owners across the world trust SimpleFeeder
  • Built to Last
    Weather resistant, this robust feeder will withstand horse antics
  • Easy to Use
    Simple install and set-up
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Who uses SimpleFeeder?

SimpleFeeder is trusted by horse owners in Maryland, show jumpers in Munich, Quarter horse breeders in Kansas, and some of the top racing yards across Ireland and the UK... as well as prized bulls in Texas, goats in the Ireland and zoo animals in UK & Germany!

Designed with all horses health in mind, SimpleFeeder is ideal for horses who are retired, fussy eaters, fast eaters or prone to colic or ulcers.