simplefeeder for all animals


Simplefeeder is an ideal solution to feed your prize livestock. Specialised diet feeders can be very expensive and unnecessary for your needs. The Simplefeeder can guarantee regular timed feeding, reducing labour and time spent hand feeding.

simplefeeder for zoos


The Simplefeeder works very well with small, medium and large animals making it perfect for use in zoos. Set up timed feeds for the goats, llamas, alpacas, cows or even the giraffes!

simplefeeder for dogs


Simplefeeder can be used to feed your dogs and cats on time every time, even if you are late home! It is very important to maintain a regular feeding schedule for your furry friends. The digital timer means you can set up your feeder to suit your pet, rather than your schedule.

Feeding little and often - the way nature intended