European Trainer Magazine

“The main benefits of Simplefeeder are that is produces a better, more consistent performing horse. It improves the horse’s recovery time from stress and/or injury. You can feed small but more frequent meals, greatly improving horse’s health and reducing the risk of your horse getting stomach ulcers and/or colic.” “It enables your horse to be fed prior to training or competition, meaning your horse is ready when you are and is not fed late due to being worked.” .

The Irish Field Newspaper

“Automate your horses feeding schedule with Simplefeeder. Simplefeeder is an automatic horse feeder that aims to improve your horse’s welfare through frequent feeding. Find out how it can also improve management efficiency.”(For more click the image)

Oonagh, Horse Owner & Blogger on Equine Cents & Sensibility

“Simplefeeder is a genius piece of equipment, with nearly every horse owner, at some point in their life wishing for help with feeding - if you are on DIY livery, or run your own yard - if you feel under the weather, can't get to the yard efficiently due to weather conditions, get held up with every day life or just need to go away for a day, you can easily do this with the Simplefeeder ensuring your horses will be fed at a set time, however many times you want. It also takes the stress out of relying on someone to look after your horses if you are away for a few days as they are also for use in paddocks.”