Standard Dry Feeder

Standard Dry Feeder

  • Suitable for Nuts, Cubes & Dry Feed
  • Up to 8 feeds per day
  • Capacity: 22kg
  • Easy to mount on bars or wall


Tidy easily bar mounted feeder with aluminium chute to dispense nuts cubes/dry feed directly into your trough/manger.
Can deliver up to 8 feeds per day in quantities you require

  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • Capacity: 22kg
  • Size: 47cm*60cm*15cm
  • Shell type: ABS Plastic with label
  • Box Material – Labelled ABS
  • Packaged weight: 9.5kg
  • 12V unit comes supplied with 110/240V transformer
  • Not suitable for mixes, moist or wet feeds
  • Not suitable for chaff, alfalfa, straw, wet supplements or hay cubes

Supplied with

  • Simplefeeder owner’s manual (x1)
  • U Bolts & holding spacer & lock nuts (x2) for mounting feeders on bars
  • Transformer 110/220VAC to 12V with 5m lead (x1)
  • Mounting Bar (x1) for mounting feeders on bars or walls

Buy with Confidence

  • Direct from SimpleFeeder
    From the equine capital of Europe, we ship worldwide
  • Backed by Science
    Small and precise feed rations reduce digestive problems, combat colic/ulcers, control weight and suit fussy eaters
  • Endorsed by your Peers
    Horse owners across the world trust SimpleFeeder
  • Built to Last
    Weather resistant, this robust feeder will withstand horse antics
  • Easy to Use
    Simple install and set-up


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