Automatic Feeders

SimpleFeeder supplies automatic horse feeders suitable for horse feed such as nuts, grain, cubes, pellets & dry feed as well as concentrated moist feeds & mixes.

There are a number of automatic horse feeders in our range that allow for feeds ranging from dry feed to feed with a high moisture content. Various capacity feeders & alternative setup options are also available to suit our different customers’ needs.

3 feeders

Timed Feeds

The standard stand-alone horse feeder range allows up to 8 feeding times per 24 hours, in precise, pre-determined amounts using an automated timer mechanism, while the centrally controlled feeder for the larger yards allow up to 16 feeds per 24 hours.

SimpleFeeder’s timer enables accurate monitoring of the individual horse’s appetite and feeding pattern, as well as enabling owners to vary feeding times and amounts.

The Design

The feeder shell is extremely durable, impact resistant & weather resistant thus allowing it to be used in both internal & external stables. It is easily and securely fitted to the outside of the stable, either through the cavity wall or on the stable bars.

The automatic animal feeder will need approximately 70 cm x 50 cm of wall space while the standard unit only protrudes 15 cm/30 cm from the wall. Load capacity varies from 15KG (34lb) to 48KG (106lb) throughout our product range.

How SimpleFeeder works:

The automatic horse feeder is generally mounted on the outside of the stable above the trough. The feed is dispensed out of the bottom of the feeder & using the aluminium chute is guided by gravity between the bar directly into the trough. The feeder can be either mains or battery powered but come supplied with a 5m transformer & lead. The built in timer is used to accurately dispense the amount of feed required at the desired time.

Simple to use:

Once programmed all you have to do is top Simplefeeder up with feed every 2-3 days.

Safe to use:

Simplefeeder operates using a 12V supply. There is minimal risk to the horse in the unlikely event that it does get in contact with the feeder. The transformer operates 110V/230VAC and conforms to CE certification. A lead can also be provided so that it can operate using battery power.

Feed Suitable For SimpleFeeder:

Dry Feeder Range


Dry Grain / Mix



Moist Feeder Range

Moist Feed

Wet Feed

Moist Concentrate Feed

Greater than 14% Moisture

Also suitable for dry feeds

Feed Not Suitable

Hay cubes


Mixes containing chaff

Mixes containing hay