Simplefeeder is an automatic horse feed dispenser which greatly improves your animal's health.

Simplefeeder is an exceptional aid to improving your horse’s welfare through frequent feeding.

With our Automatic Horse Feeder you can feed your horse up to 8 times daily for a happy healthy animal.

Your horse will not only be healthier but Simplefeeder will also save you time and money. Simplefeeder can be adapted to most animals or feeding schedules. If your horse could, he would order a Simplefeeder today.

Simplefeeder Benefits

  • easy to use horse feed dispenser by
    Easy to Use
  • natural horse feeding times supported by
  • SimpleFeeder saves you time and money when feeding animals
    Time Saver
  • Automatically feed your horse accurate amounts of food with this automatic animal feed dispenser

“Simplefeeder has made a big difference. Feeding little and often and the labour saving are the main benefits for me big time. The Horses are fed at the same time everyday and we don’t need a person on hand to do it. I wouldn’t be without one”

– Michael Hourigan – Lisaleen Stables – Ireland

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Programmable feed dispenser control unit

The existing Simplefeeder range can now be centrally controlled.

It will store the programs & data for all feeders, offering additional reliability & flexibility. No more synchronizing timers, no more checking individual program settings, all feeders running from one central location.

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