Welcome to SimpleFeeder

SimpleFeeder is an Irish company producing automatic horse feed dispensers which greatly improves your animal’s health.

SimpleFeeder is an exceptional feeding system to improving your horse’s welfare through frequent feeding. 

With our Automatic Horse Feeder you can feed your horse up to 8 times daily for a happy healthy animal. Your horse will not only be healthier but SimpleFeeder will also save you time and money. SimpleFeeder can be adapted to most animals or feeding schedules. If your horse could, he would order a SimpleFeeder today.


Edmund Kent, Ballyhamshire Stud – Ireland

“We have all our horses fed using SimpleFeeder & it had a big impact on labour savings in our yard. I frequently travel to racecourses and used to have to come home early to feed horses. Now I can take my time as the horses will be fed. No more kicking of stable doors.”