“New: For the larger yard”

Centrally controlled Simplefeeder

The existing Simplefeeder range can now be centrally controlled.

The bespoke programmable logic controller (PLC) will be the new timer & controller. It will store the programs & data for all feeders, offering additional reliability & flexibility.

No more synchronizing timers, no more checking individual program settings, all feeders running from one central location.

Ideal for barns/yards with 5-16 or more stables

This system can be used to operate any feeder in the Simplefeeder range. Click here for further details.

  • Run from 5 up to 16 feeders simultaneously
  • Each feeder can feed at different times and in varied quantities
  • Hard wired cable to each feeder for reliability
  • Simple easy to follow set up instructions
  • Installation can be carried out by qualified house electrician
  • Entire Simplefeeder range can use this system
  • Cable lengths not included

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