“This is a revolutionary product for our industry and it is a must have item for every bloodstock owner.“

Joe Hernon, Manager of Coolmore Stud, Ireland

“The Simplefeeder is an asset to any yard large or small. Without my Simplefeeder I have no doubt that I would of lost my Veteran Pony as he cannot chew hay and therefore needs feeding little and often. Prior to having the Feeder I was having to go to the Livery Yard at all times of the day and night plus rely on others to drop feeds in too stable too but now I just top up feeder and no that my pony is fed regular amounts at regular intervals regardless of if I am early or late to the yard.“

“I also have a neurotic thoroughbred that box walks and by feeding through the Simplefeeder he has chilled out a bit as his day is broken up by feeds!“

“I would be totally lost without my Simplefeeder and live the fact that I am making huge savings on petrol and time by not having to visit the yard several times a day.“


“Revolutionary, the most important invention since the horse walker. Every yard should use them.”

Declan McNamara, Ballylinch Stud – Ireland

“Simplefeeder has made a big difference. Feeding little and often and the labour saving are the main benefits for me big time. The Horses are fed at the same time everyday and we don’t have a man at hand to do it. I wouldn’t be without one”

Michael Hourigan – Lisaleen Stables – Ireland

“We have a large livery yard and we find it especially useful for putting conditioning on horses by spreading the quantity of feed over the 8 feeds in the day”

Corraine Hyde – Hyde Equine Livery and Tuition

“We have a race mare that is a fussy eater, and Simplefeeder allows us to give her extra feeds in which has helped her to gain weight. It’s a great product”

Michael Halford – Copper Beach – Kildangan – Ireland

“This is an innovative product & a valuable aid to equine husbandry”

Bill Murphy – Ballybrown Equine Clinic – Clarina – Ireland

“I really do love the simplefeeder. It has kept my 30 year old thoroughbred going strong this winter.“

Christy (USA)

“We have all our horses fed using Simplefeeder & it had a big impact on labour savings in our yard. I frequently travel to racecourses and used to have to come home early to feed horses. Now I can take my time as the horses will be fed. No more kicking of stable doors”

Edmund Kent, Ballyhamshire Stud – Ireland

Published Testimonials