Benefits of the Simplefeeder

automatic feed dispenserAutomatic Feed Dispenser

Simplefeeder is an automatic feed dispenser that is an exceptional cost effective aid for the digestive system of your horse.

It improves the animal’s welfare through the management of its feed intake.

Our automatic feed dispenser optimises the digestibility of the feed so that the horse now gains its full nutritional value. This in turn allows owners to spend more value added time with their horses.

The concept behind Simplefeeder is to provide each horse a feeding regime which would replicate as close as possible its natural feeding environment.

With Simplefeeder, the horse has a greater number of daily feed times. Each feed contains a smaller quantity of food than previous.

This feeding pattern enables trainers, breeders and owners to mimic a horse’s natural grazing behaviour closer than before, therefore allowing owners to tend to their horses as & when they require.

As a result this saves time & money.

Automatic Feed Dispenser Improves Horse’s Digestion

automatic feed dispenser for horses

  • Produces a better more consistent performing horse
  • Improves the horse’s recovery time from stress or injury
  • Better conditioning on the horse which improves appearance.

Current scientific data suggests that a product like Simplefeeder is an aid for the digestive system of your horse, improving the animal’s welfare through the management of its feed intake, optimising the digestibility of the feed so that the horse gains its full nutritional value.

Combating Ulcers & Colic

automatic feed dispenser for better horse digestion

  • Feed smaller but more frequent meals

Studies have shown that by nature horses eat constantly and that by their steady ingestion of small amounts of food provided by Simplefeeder gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and colic are less likely.

Simplefeeder was developed to mimic the natural grazing environment thus preventing ulcers & colic

Horse Benefits of Early & Late Feeding

Timed automatic feed dispenser

  • Horses are ready for training & work when you arrive
  • Convenience factor in the stable yards
  • Horses can be fed prior to competition

A Healthier Horse Saves You Money

automatic feed dispenser saves on vet bills SimpleFeeder saves on vet bills.

Vet bills are expensive and they can accumulate really quickly! By implementing small, money-saving and time-saving methods like installing a Simplefeeder, you are able to avoid paying more for your vet!

You are taking the precautionary steps to ensure your horse’s health and happiness.

Simplefeeder Saves Time & Time is Money

automatic feed dispenser saves time and money By installing the SimpleFeeder you no longer need somebody to be there constantly to feed your precious animals.

Bucket feeding a large number of horses or just a single horse at frequent, regular-timed intervals can be very problematic.

Automatic horse feeders make caring for a horse easier and they are so beneficial to a horse’s health as it also feeds your horses when you are not home or are running late.

The Simplefeeder hugely reduces labour costs of getting people in early to ensure your horse has been fed before training and keeping them late to feed your horse its last meal of the day.

Simplefeeder Frequent Feeding

automatic feed dispenser

Simplefeeder allows up to up to 8 feedings per 24 hours, feeding your horse little & often the way nature intended.

Simplefeeder Avoids Waste

automatic feed dispenser improves weight gain The tests that we have undertaken, confirm that by using the Simplefeeder and feeding up to 8 feedings per 24 hours, your horse is been fed as nature intended.

By using Simplefeeder it delivers improved weight gain on horses while feeding less as they are getting the full benefit of each feeding time.

As the feed is being presented more frequently, there will be up to 30% in reduction of the feed wasted.

Simplefeeder’s Capacity

high capacity automatic feed dispenser SimpleFeeder’s holds more feed than others on the market.

  • From 15kg to 48kg.

SimpleFeeder also has an extension. This will increase the capacity of each feeder by an additional 10kg (23 lbs).

Simplefeeder Installation

simplefeeder automatic feed dispenser installation

Bar mounted Installations are easy to complete which means no difficult installations to frustrate you! Everything you need to install the feeder onto stable bars comes supplied with every feeder purchase.

Simplefeeder Construction

automatic feed dispenser constructionThe external shell of the SimpleFeeder are extremely durable, impact resistant, weatherproof thus allowing it to be used in both internal & external stables and ensure a long life.

Select from the tough ABS plastic to coated mild or sharp steel.

Total Customer Satisfaction

simple feeder automatic feed dispenser From our reviews, the SimpleFeeder range is considered to be the “Best Automatic Feeding system on the Market today”.

Simplefeeder’s reputation as Market Leader has been earned over 5 years providing the best automatic feeders.

Simplefeeder Ltd. will make your purchase simple and enjoyable, our goal is Total Customer Satisfaction.